Allergy Drops vs Allergy Shots: What's Right for Me?

Allergy Drops vs Allergy Shots: What's Right for Me?

The climate of Richmond, VA, could easily be described as humid and sub-tropical; residents enjoy pleasantly hot summers, relatively mild winters, and moderate rainfall throughout the year. This type of climate often presents unique challenges for allergy sufferers, but long-lasting allergy relief is finally possible and convenient for you. Sublingual allergy drops are a safe and effective immunotherapy treatment plan that addresses the root-cause of your allergy problems. They can empower you to say goodbye to allergies with just a few drops a day at your home and on your schedule!

What are Allergies?

The body’s natural defense mechanism is known as the immune system. This is a complex network of cells and organs that protect the body from infection by attacking germs, toxins, and other foreign substances. Sometimes the body’s immune system reacts by attacking an otherwise harmless substance known as an allergen.

Some of the most common allergens in our area include:

  • Pet dander – coming from dogs or cats inside or outside the home
  • Dust Mites – microscopic organisms that often trigger allergic responses
  • Pollen – The mild and temperate springs, which transition to warm summer weather results in a significant growing season for flowers and trees that create pollen. These temperature changes may result in increased allergies.
  • Mold – Spores can be airborne in the environment as well as on surfaces inside and outside the home. Our region’s mild winter temperatures allow mold to grow throughout the year.
  • Seasonal Allergies – Environmental factors such as winds bring allergens from surrounding areas. In addition, rain produces additional plant and flower growth that may trigger allergies.
  • When an allergy sufferer comes in contact with an allergen, an allergy attack happens. Patients experience allergy symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose, and difficulty breathing. Some of these symptoms make life difficult while others can be life-threatening.

Allergy suffers often find themselves consumed with failed attempts to mask the allergy symptoms and never achieve real allergy relief.

Immunotherapy Gets Results

Allergy immunotherapy is a process that involves a custom designed treatment plan to address the specific allergies that impact you. The process begins with in-depth allergy testing to determine the exact allergens that trigger your immune system’s response. Once testing is completed, your treatment solution is formulated to your exact needs and specific allergic reactions. Unlike over-the-counter allergy medications, immunotherapy treats the underlying allergy condition and results in long-term symptom relief and the potential elimination of the allergy.

Immunotherapy includes:

  • Meticulously training the body’s immune system to no longer respond to allergens
  • A rapid reduction in allergy symptoms as well as the potential for long-term allergy elimination
  • Customized treatment that is unique to your body’s needs

Immunotherapy Options

When it comes to an improved quality of life, the choice really is yours. Each individual patient has specific needs that must be addressed in order to achieve lasting results. We provide options to ensure that your treatment works for you.

Allergy Shots

Most patients are familiar with allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy for allergies) which involve injecting a treatment solution under the skin. This is a safe and effective treatment plan that results in lasting allergy relief; however, this may not be the plan that best meets your individual needs.

Allergy Drops

Allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy for allergies) are another form of immunotherapy that is delivered through a different method and may achieve more effective results. Rather than injecting the treatment under the skin, a few drops of liquid are placed under the tongue on a daily schedule.

Both subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy treatment plans work to reprogram the immune system and will result in a reduction of allergy symptoms and greatly improve your body’s tolerance of the allergens that impact you.

Are Allergy Drops for Me?

Sublingual immunotherapy is a practical and effective solution for most allergy patients. Because of the simple and safe delivery method, there are less barriers to long-term patient success.

If any of the following applies to you, then allergy drops may be the solution:

  • Busy schedule
  • Aversion to frequent shots
  • Seeking faster symptom relief
  • Adult or Child (ages six years or older)
  • Concerned about allergic reaction to shots
  • Able to follow a daily treatment schedule at your convenience
  • Looking for a safe, effective, affordable, and convenient solution to your allergies

Benefits of Sublingual Immunotherapy

Safe & Effective

  • A time-tested and highly effective solution
  • Faster symptom relief, often after just a few weeks
  • Reduced risk of allergic reaction to treatment
  • Potential side effects are mild and manageable


  • Visit the office a few times a year rather than a few times a month
  • Less transportation costs
  • Reduced dependence on over-the-counter medications


  • You manage the treatment time and location
  • Self-administered treatment that is customized for you
  • Patient-centered treatment results in greater compliance and overall satisfaction
  • Fewer missed hours of work or school
  • Less time stuck in traffic or waiting in the office
  • More time for yourself

It’s your choice. Get started today.

Don’t let allergies control your life! Find out how you can achieve success with a customized immunotherapy plan from the allergy experts at Richmond Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Centers. Schedule your appointment today!